Things to do in Cappadocia

For those who like keeping active


Cappadocia is home to easy walking routes and seemingly endless natural valleys. The area is very popular with hikers who want to experience both nature and culture with a wide variety of trails. Along the way, you can see abandoned churches, old cave settlements and peasants who still traditionally live in these lands. All you need is just a comfortable pair of shoes and the will to explore

Hot Air Balloon

The trip to Cappadocia is not complete until you see the magnificent view from the sky. Hot air balloons are almost synonymous with tourism in Cappadocia. Every year, thousands of tourists come to the region to experience this adrenaline-filled experience and to explore the unique valleys. Balloons take off every morning if the weather permits. There are  people who only come to the region just to see the balloons in the air. Don’t be deprived of this experience.

Horseback Riding

Cappadocia is known as the land of beautiful horses. These friendly animals have been a part of the  traditional life for thousands of years. These beautiful horses of Cappadocia, which was once  used to transport both people and agricultural products, now gives adventurous tourists the chance to experience this unique landscape in a completely new way. From a short horse riding experience to longer trails, the region is the ideal place to enjoy horseback riding.


Starting with the Hittites, the first great civilization in the region, , people are  is still making pottery in the traditional way. Many families in Avanos earn their lives by producing pottery and sending to different parts of the country as well as to the foreign countires. The muds carried by Kızılırmak, ancient Halys, is the most important element of this tradition. You can visit the pottery workshops and watch the masters making a work of art or even you can make one with your own hands and take it to your home.


With its exciting descents, ascents, swirling turns and unforgettable scenery, the footpaths of Cappadocia attract adventure bikers and mountain bikers. You can join a tour to bike In the narrow and  deep terrain  of Cappadocia’s vast valleys. The region also hosts Gran Fondo tours each year.


ATV tours are one of the favorite activities of the guests coming to the region. To see Cappadocia’s narrow valleys as quickly as possible and to experience the feeling of kind flying  with full of adrenaline ATV tours are the best. You will be able to experience everything Cappadocia has to offer and at the same time enjoy a day where you can laugh and have fun like a child.

Things to do in Cappadocia