Dokya Hotel

Located in one of Ürgüp’s oldest neighborhoods, the Temenni neighborhood, our hotel was converted from an old Greek house. Said to have been built in the late 1800s, this building was in ruin before we converted it into a hotel. We opened the hotel in 2019 after restoring the rooms as close to their original state as possible save for the addition of modern conveniences. We serve our guests with beautiful views, six unique rooms, courtyard, and terrace, all with the original atmosphere of Ürgüp. 

Semih Eser


Although I worked in many different fields of the tourism industry before opening Dokya Hotel, this is my first experience in the hotel business. I served as a professional guide across Turkey for many years, but Cappadocia has always been extra special for me. I left my life in the city and now make more time here for myself, to research cinema and history, and to read the books left to me by my father, who was one of Istanbul’s oldest secondhand booksellers. One of the best parts of this job is helping my guests dive deeper into the region and sharing all my knowledge with them. 

Come and let’s talk Cappadocia, travel, literature, and cinema, enriching your holiday and each other.

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